The task is to learn how to control an imaginary planet. This planet has an abundance of life and one very intelligent life form. The intelligent life form has the ability to use complex communication language and analytical logic.

Please name your planet. I will call it ‘your planet’.

Whilst learning to control your planet, you will likely learn how planet earth is controlled. This will likely be a massive boost to your knowledge and unlimited addition to your conversation skills.

To learn how to control your planet, we will study various aspects of the planet called Earth. I have created fifty two study topics to match the number of weeks in the year. Some may take a few hours, some may take a month. For each topic you are required to study from all available resources including the Internet and your own logic.

I avoid giving you answers and you have to decide if the research information is good or bad. There is much misleading information out there. However, as humans,we have developed a new way of learning. Previously we read a book front to back. Nowadays we read numerous shorter articles and comments and throw out the articles that don’t fit. I suggest search words as a guide for each topic but you are encouraged to choose your own sources and search words and different search engines.

The human brain can apparently be rewired, so it may take a long time for your brain to start looking at the traditional mass media propaganda analytically. It may take a while for you to see adverts in a different light. That an advert for a motorcar is a trick to get you indebted. A car yard is selling loans, not cars. That an advert for cigarettes is to get you addicted. That a make-up advert is pushing buttons. That news is what they want you to hear. If I can get you to realise that there may have been some deceit in going to Iraq or 911 or Afghanistan, then maybe there was some deceit in World War Two. Is it possible to kill someone with insecticide? Are Muslims evil? Was it acceptable for cowboys to shoot Indians? Do skyscrapers fall vertically or sideways? Can Fire bring down a skyscraper? Why did so many have to die in World War Two when even Hitler’s own people were trying to kill him? Why did it take a large army to get Saddam, when one bullet would do? Why does Hollywood denigrate Muslims? Why weren’t the Irish called Christian terrorists? Why is the centre of Christianity in Rome and not in Jerusalem where you would expect it? Why are the twenty plus million killed in USSR rarely mentioned and neither was their religion? Why was Poland given to the USSR after the war when that was the reason why UK went to war? How come every nation seem to be in debt. How come individuals all seem to have a debt that is given a way in national average debt? Why wasn’t Dresden classed as a war crime? Why do governments ignore their election pledges? Why do we get rid of a government for being hopeless then put them back eight years later? We constantly change governments to the previous hopeless government? How can you have a World Bank when we don’t have a world government? It must be a lawless government bank operating without tax and without any control by the people. How come the IMF seems to create poor countries?

If only to improve your conservation skills, it will be worth the effort. You will never be short of a conversation topic. Although you may have to be careful. Not many are prepared to accept other than what they have been told is the truth in the mass media. Many believe that our two party democracies are actually democracies in the original understanding of the word.

I want you to become analytical and work out what is going on in this world and how it is controlled. The best approach I could think of was to workout how I would control a planet. I found that if I said to myself “Why would they do that?” then I could often work out their agenda. You can study using text from Google type search engines or by YouTube style┬ávideo sites backed up by books and type sites and any other source.

To control a planet, you will probably need to control all or most of these four. Money, media, politics and religion.

I give you no answers. Go work it out yourself. Have fun. Spread the word.



Andrew J Chalkley


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